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Steps to Follow When You Have A Roof Damage Insurance Claim

 If your roof has been damaged by a recent storm or by some other form of harsh weather and your homeowner’s insurance covers for roof damage, here are some important things to know about the process of filing an insurance claim.

Getting the Amount of Damage Assessed

The first thing to do when you notice that your roof has sustained any damage is to assess the damage and to document even the tiniest crack. The best way to make sure that every damaged roof component is identified and the deterioration recorded is to call disaster repair Austin roofing companies to handle the process. If you don’t have any local roofer on speed dial, you can turn to your insurance agent – insurance companies work with their own network of approved roofers, so your agent will be able to recommend you contractors to contact. The roofer whose help you enlist will take photos and will record video footage of your roof to prove the amount of damage during the insurance claim process.

Damage Mitigation

If your roof has sustained severe damage, your Austin roofer will probably implement some mitigation measures to prevent the aggravation of the damage. The measures might include the removal of any loose component that might fall and cause injuries as well as the covering of the roof in foil to prevent further damage in case of another storm.

The Repairs

In the case of severe damage, you need to get the repairs or the roof replacement started soon. The claim process does not influence that – the restoration can start right after the damage has been recorded.

Filling in and Submitting the Claim Documents

Insurance companies use their own claims procedures. You can find out about the required steps from your insurance agent, from your insurance company’s help line or by visiting your insurer’s website. Find out exactly what documents you need to submit and what evidence you need to attach, then act accordingly. Be prepared that insurance claims documents can be quite complicated and your file will need to include a detailed cost estimate from your roofing contractor. If you think that you need help with the preparation of your entire claim file, call your Austin roofer and ask for assistance. When you are sure that your documents are filled in correctly and your claim file is complete, you can submit your file using the submission method required by your insurer, usually through their website.

Wait for the Adjuster

Your insurance company will contact you after they receive your claim file and they will send their own expert, called an adjuster, to discuss the details of your claim. The amount of compensation offered by your insurer is likely to be lower than the amount that you have specified on your claim, so be prepared to negotiate – if you think you need a professional by your side during the meetings, you can ask for help from your roofer in this regard as well.

The final phase of the claim process is the transfer of the amount that you agreed upon with your insurer.


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