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Can Your Roofer Manage the Whole House Repairs Resulting from Storm Damage?

When you have to deal with extensive repairs due to storm damage, the roof might not be the only part of your home that needs taking care of. In many cases, the siding and various other areas of the house could also have suffered extensively. Although roofers specialize in repairing roofing systems, you’ll find that some of them can also help you with certain home repairs and renovations, albeit not all of them.

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Who Can You Hire as a Jack of All Trades?


A roofing professional is licensed and qualified to handle anything from simple roofing tasks that just requires a few shingle replacements to complex roof replacements and repairs that require careful planning and more than just a couple of days of intensive work.


Many roofers are typically handymen who can also handle a lot of other jobs. For instance, most will also be qualified to inspect, repair or replace your gutter system. Even though it isn’t technically part of the roof, the gutter system is closely related to roofing, so it might be seen as something that is within their area of expertise.


Some Parker roofing companies can handle both residential and commercial roofing, and they also specialize in siding and various upgrades and improvements associated with it. If your siding was damaged severely by a storm, these professionals will be able to guide you and provide you with some of the best products to help manage the issue and get your siding looking brand new again.


Finally, there are also general contractors and construction firms that specialize both in roofing and in other repairs. If you want to get your entire home fixed by the same experts, these are usually the people you’ll want to talk to. Many of them are highly organized and can outsource jobs that they can’t handle themselves because of a lack of experience or a need for advanced skills.


If you hire one of these contractors, however, be sure that you’ll get your money’s worth. Some can be good at most jobs in general, but they don’t actually specialize in either one of them in particular. So if you hit a more difficult problem, they might not be able to handle it, depending on their experience and expertise with that particular storm damage issue.


Who Should You Hire for Extensive Roofing Damage?


If you’re planning to have your roof and home repaired quickly after a storm, it’s important to have a detailed inspection of the entire building and see what needs to be done. If the damage isn’t severe, you might get away with using the same service for everything, and you could even get a nice discount.


However, if the roofing damage is extensive, or some other part of your house was severely damaged by the storm, consider hiring a professional who handles only that part with great success. The result will be that you won’t lose money on a service that can’t handle all the tasks involved, and you might also be able to minimize the number of contractors you hire – even if it won’t be just one.

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