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Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

Denver granite countertops

Over the years, designers, suppliers and even house owners have debated which type of stone is best to be used for countertops. There are those that favor natural stone and those that claim that synthetic materials are the way to go. Out of those that prefer natural stone for their countertops, some claim that granite is the best material to use. But not everybody agrees. Granite has its pros and cons just any other material. This is why there is such a debate around it. Anybody looking into using this material for their home improvement projects should consider both sides before making any kind of decision.

Pro: Price

One of the biggest pros of granite is the price. Because this stone is found and excavated more easily than others, such as marble, travertine or onyx, granite costs less. Depending on the size of the slab, a granite countertop can range from tens of dollars to a few hundred, as opposed to other more high-end materials, which can cost upwards of several thousands. On the other hand, granite doesn’t have the appeal more expensive materials might have. Granted, it is a more affordable solution for most home improvement projects but it might not boost the overall value of the house as much as the owner hopes.

Pro: Easy to clean

Granite is very easy to clean. This is one of the safest surfaces to work in, especially in a kitchen. Food stains and liquid spills can be quickly and effortlessly removed simply by wiping the surface with warm water and some detergent. This is a big plus, especially in house that has children. On the other hand, granite does require sealing at least once a year. Due to the fact that it is a porous rock, once installed, it has to be sealed with a special coating substance. The process isn’t difficult at all, but it needs to be done in order to avoid liquids and other substances entering the slab and staining it permanently.  Denver granite countertops retailers affirm that, if sealed properly every year, granite can last forever, but that also means that you should not want to change your countertop very soon after choosing a granite one.

Pro: Resistant

A lot of people choose granite because it is very resistant to wear and tear. Granite countertops can take a lot of heat. Literally. It doesn’t scorch easily and, it doesn’t scratch or cracks under normal circumstances. But that doesn’t mean it is indestructible. If hit with enough force, with something like a meat cleaver or other kind of kitchen utensil, it can break. That is why anybody using a granite countertop should always use a chopping board as well.

Con: Difficult to fix once broken

Once broken, granite countertops can be quite difficult to fix. Your best option is to change the countertop all together. That can also be quite hard to do because granite is very heavy and needs special brackets and glues in order to be set into place. Replacing a granite countertop can be labor intensive and can cost quite a lot.

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