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Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

Denver granite countertops

Over the years, designers, suppliers and even house owners have debated which type of stone is best to be used for countertops. There are those that favor natural stone and those that claim that synthetic materials are the way to go. Out of those that prefer natural stone for their countertops, some claim that granite is the best material to use. But not everybody agrees. Granite has its pros and cons just any other material. This is why there is such a debate around it. Anybody looking into using this material for their home improvement projects should consider both sides before making any kind of decision.

Pro: Price

One of the biggest pros of granite is the price. Because this stone is found and excavated more easily than others, such as marble, travertine or onyx, granite costs less. Depending on the size of the slab, a granite countertop can range from tens of dollars to a few hundred, as opposed to other more high-end materials, which can cost upwards of several thousands. On the other hand, granite doesn’t have the appeal more expensive materials might have. Granted, it is a more affordable solution for most home improvement projects but it might not boost the overall value of the house as much as the owner hopes.

Pro: Easy to clean

Granite is very easy to clean. This is one of the safest surfaces to work in, especially in a kitchen. Food stains and liquid spills can be quickly and effortlessly removed simply by wiping the surface with warm water and some detergent. This is a big plus, especially in house that has children. On the other hand, granite does require sealing at least once a year. Due to the fact that it is a porous rock, once installed, it has to be sealed with a special coating substance. The process isn’t difficult at all, but it needs to be done in order to avoid liquids and other substances entering the slab and staining it permanently.  Denver granite countertops retailers affirm that, if sealed properly every year, granite can last forever, but that also means that you should not want to change your countertop very soon after choosing a granite one.

Pro: Resistant

A lot of people choose granite because it is very resistant to wear and tear. Granite countertops can take a lot of heat. Literally. It doesn’t scorch easily and, it doesn’t scratch or cracks under normal circumstances. But that doesn’t mean it is indestructible. If hit with enough force, with something like a meat cleaver or other kind of kitchen utensil, it can break. That is why anybody using a granite countertop should always use a chopping board as well.

Con: Difficult to fix once broken

Once broken, granite countertops can be quite difficult to fix. Your best option is to change the countertop all together. That can also be quite hard to do because granite is very heavy and needs special brackets and glues in order to be set into place. Replacing a granite countertop can be labor intensive and can cost quite a lot.

Why Small Businesses Should Look at IT Support Firms to Help Them

Why It Matter IT Services Small Business

Small businesses usually face lots of challenges with their day to day operations and getting proper, professional IT support is often at the end of their to-do list, even if they are aware of the importance of cyber security and a stable, reliable IT system. Unfortunately, many small business turn their attention toward implementing professional IT support only when their system suffers a major crash or when the business becomes severely affected by a major data breach, even though IT support services are not necessary that expensive. Here are some benefits of finding a suitable IT support service before a catastrophic event causes serious problems.

Data Security

The security of corporate and personal data is essential for successful operation and reputation in any company. Data breaches being such a common threat, businesses need IT security that is at least one step more advanced than the techniques used by ill-intended people. As very few small businesses can afford to have their own IT security department, the solution of outsourcing data protection to a specialized partner is a great solution that gives the client access to state-of-the-art security at all time and across multiple platforms, from desktop applications to mobile devices.

Reduced Costs

In-house IT departments are usually composed of two to ten people, therefore it is easy to see why having such a specialized department is out of reach for many small businesses. Outsourcing IT support also comes with the benefit of being cheaper than handling the process through in-house teams. IT support firms provide their services for monthly fees that are usually much lower than the salaries of in-house IT specialists and the subscriptions are usually scalable to meet the client’s changing needs.

Round the Clock Access to Assistance

The services provided by IT support companies are usually available 24/7, giving their clients the peace of mind that help is at their disposal whenever they need it, at night, in weekends and on public holidays as well.

Time to Focus on Core Activities

Many companies, especially small ones, try to solve IT issues by putting employees with any kind of IT knowledge in charge. The solution is a solution only as long as there is no threat – in most cases, amateur IT experts do not have the knowledge and experience to create properly protected, stable systems, while the burden of having to handle issues that they don’t know how to handle takes away time from doing their jobs. Hiring a Denver IT services firm will free up lots of time and energy and will allow you and your teams to focus on growing your business. With suitable IT support, your teams will not have to waste time waiting for your servers to respond or trying to fix a malfunctioning software.

Happier, More Loyal Clients

Your clients surely know about the importance of guarding personal and corporate data and they are more willing to turn to a company that guarantees the safety of their data. IT support companies can also improve the stability of your company website or of your e-commerce platform, ensuring that your customers will have an excellent user experience, without crashes, long page loading times and other issues.

Professional Consultation

IT support companies can provide consultation related to developing the client’s IT infrastructure in a safe and sustainable way. Many companies include that service into their packages, while others provide consultation for a small extra fee.

Tips for Finding the Best Livestock News Online

livestock news

If you are involved in an activity that is connected to livestock, staying up to date with the important, global, national, regional and local news must be a part of your work. There are many sources of reliable livestock news available today, but none of them as efficient as online news websites – you can have subscriptions to paper-based newspapers and magazines and you can attend industry events, but none of these methods will give you access to up to date information whenever you need and from wherever you are. Here are some tips to find the best livestock news sources online.

Think about What Interests You

There are lots of authoritative and reliable websites that provide livestock news. To be able to pick the news outlets that give you the information and the news you need, you first of all need to determine the topics that interest you – your set of favorites will comprise different URLs if you are interested in new farming methods and technologies, if you need information about global economic trends that affect the industry, about prices or about new legislation at local or national level.

Take Your Time to Check Multiple Websites

With a simple query using a keyword that is relevant for what you are looking for, you will find lots of websites that might be of interest. Take the time to check at least the website URLs that appear on the first few results pages to pick the resources of interest.

Set Up a News Feed

Your internet browser is likely to prefilter information based on your previous searches and your perceived preferences, but you can finely tune the articles that your receive by setting up news feeds. That way, you will receive the news in your fields of interest instantly, right when a relevant article is published.

Use Social Media

Whether you have personal profiles on social media platforms or you have set up business profiles for your enterprise, social networking sites are great sources of relevant, up to date information. You can join specialized groups the members of which are industry professionals, such as livestock farmers, retailers, wholesalers, traders or economists as well as groups the members of which share the same interests, such a special animal husbandry technology.

Join Professional Forums

There are many forums and platforms that have eligibility conditions, such as working in a particular profession. These forums are highly valuable and reliable sources of information, shared directly by the people involved. After you become a member, you can ask questions and receive advice from other specialists in your field and you can also share information yourself.

Join Professional Organizations and Associations

These specialized groups and institutions usually have websites on which the share important news and they also offer newsletters in which they provide their members access to specialized information. Do some online research to figure out how you can become a member of such associations and organizations and enjoy the steady stream of valuable information and news that they give access to.

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